Guys and Gals, If you are not obsessed you are just plain old average!!! That’s a scary deal.. You should check out my boy, Grant Cardones’ new book. It’s so on point that it will make you rethink your whole life and see yourself in a new image. There’s the obsessed and then there’s. Well, you know.. Average. Those people are the ones always bitching and moaning about how bad their lives suck. Well, it’s time to un-suck your lives if you are an average person. This book will guide you through Grants’ unbelievable story of drug abuse in his early twenties and how he managed to escape the destructive lifestyle of helplessness and hopelessness he was going through. This man has achieved what most people only dream of. For me reading this book was a fresh look at the unbelievable mindset most Americans have that is holding them back and keeping them from achieving greatness. We all have the same amount of energy and talent. We just have to tap into it and harness the true power that will propel us into the realms of “being great”, as Grant would put it. He is a New York time best seller of 5 books and he is a social media icon that everyone has at least seen at some point trying to sell his coaching programs and stellar advice on real estate. He is a master of the sales game and will be forever dear to my heart. Seeing he taught me everything I know about Sales, Rebuttals, and Closing the deal down.


In the world of sales, you must stay obsessed with who has your money and why they haven’t given it to you yet. The service is so great if you can find the problem people have and create value and make them understand that you are doing just that. Grant talks about being obsessed with the goal of helping a million people in his lifetime.  I believe he will hit that very soon. The guy is always reaching out and offering his coaching and training services to the masses, for what I think is tooo cheap. The value add he provides is more than any other trainer out there that I’ve ever come across.

We all have to be obsessed about something that will create a better future for ourselves and more importantly our family.


So if you are a hardcore closer that wants to be more valuable to your sales team or a joe schmoe that is just coasting along and you don’t have any real reason why you do what you do, get this book and let it change the way you look at the daily life you live. “BOBA – Be obsessed or be average!…”

Thanks for your time and ill talk to you soon!



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